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“We Educate, We Listen, We Inspire”

We Educate:

Utilising all available resources, established training materials & our own innovations, we’ll educate you to the highest possible standards..

We Listen:

It’s important that we make great easy-to-follow courses, that’s why we think it’s imperative for us to listen to YOU and YOUR feedback..

We Inspire:

We want to inspire you to achieve the best results in exams, we also want to inspire you to lead the #NEXGEN of Irish Republicans..

Need advice?

We are here to help, so why not get in contact?

We are on hand to discuss any part of the courses or how to utilise this website to your advantage. We can offer all types of advice and can be contacted in several ways, click the3 button below this text to goto our Contact Us page..

Want to download our full course library? It's cheaper than you think...

While our courses are absolutely free “FOREVER”, including your E-Certificate Download, we do offer a full Downloadable version of our entire course library for a small onetime fee.

Additionally if you opt in to buy the entire course library in digital format, you will get free lifetime updates of courses at no extra cost, all free to download after each semester.

Our story

The Irish Republican Survival & Preparedness Network has been set up to ensure that each member of the network acquires full expert knowledge regarding every aspect of Bushcraft, Survival, Preparedness and Advanced Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

This website is a small part of the network’s aparatus, it is a wealth of knowledge and a valuable go-to resource for professional video tutorial footage; for members only. The written courses are crafted to give detailed expert knowledge in all topics that we as a Non Governmental Organisation cover…